Life As We Know It

Yesterday I was the target of a troll, a cyber bully. They hid behind two different fake accounts and commented horrible things. They said I was white trash, said I was nothing, a nobody, said I was what was wrong with the world, told me to have fun living with STDs. Now I’ll admit, this isn’t the first time a person has randomly been mean. I’ve had a few in my time. But never someone so persistent they’d use more than one account to get to me. And trust me, I’m 99.99% sure it was the same person just based on what they said, how they said it, and the names of the accounts. Which leads me to believe they may just be getting started. I don’t engage them. I don’t respond in any way. I delete the comments immediately and block the account. That’s what I will continue to do.

There are two types of people. Almost all of us are given a life or a circumstance or situation we weren’t expecting. Nothing goes right and suddenly we’re neck deep in a life we didn’t expect. But we can choose to respond really only two ways. We adapt, we press forward and we make as many negatives into positives as we can. Or, we don’t. We grow bitter and seek to make those around us unhappy any time we can. I speak openly about having HSV because it helps me and it helps others. People thank me and reach out to me with questions or just wanting to vent all the time. And so, I’ve taken what could be a very big negative in my life and made it a positive. But these are also the things about a person that someone will latch onto and try to use against you. And that’s ok. It just means I’m doing something worth attacking. I still have a hard time understanding who has the time and energy to do this to someone. Perhaps I will never understand because I use my time and energy focusing on much more important things. And I will continue to do that.

So, as a means to focus on some very big things ahead of me, my account will probably be a little more quiet. Not quite as many posts. Not because of the troll. Not because of the bully. I promise you that. But I will keep you guys updated.

Right now I have two books on and I must thank you all because they’re selling quite well. I appreciate that so much. I hope they continue to do so. Mad Woman is selling better than it did in previous months and Anchors & Vacancies is certainly holding its own. If you want to check them out, you can find information about them both plus links to them on Amazon under the “Books” tab.

My etsy shop has a few things in it including the return of custom poetry. It’s a limited quantity and always will be so I don’t overwhelm myself. I also have a few framed mini pieces, bookmarks, and signed poetry. I will be stocking some framed pointillism pieces again soon too. You can get to my etsy shop by clicking “Shop” tab and it will take you straight there.

Redamancy is my Black Friday release. And I need some time with it. And I have to spend less time on here to do that. It’s different than what I’ve written before. It’s happy. It feels good and fresh.Preorders for this book will be different than before. In the past I’ve had 100 preorders available. Redamancy will probably be only 25 preorders. They will come signed and numbered along with a print of a poem from the book. My goal is to have preorders up some time in the first part of September so be on the lookout for that.

As of yesterday, I’ve got a project with my B, J. R. Rogue and I’m sure we will be sharing details about that at a later time. I’m really excited about this. We’ve been talking about it for a very long time. And I can’t forget, my novel. I started it nearly a year ago and life got in the way. I want to finish it and release it. With any luck, you’ll see a debut novel from me in 2017.

So as you can see, there’s just so much to do. This is all on top of my 40+ hours full time job and the parenting stuff. So sit tight, continue to like, share, and follow me on this ride. I promise it will be worth it. Oh and let’s not forget the GIVEAWAYS! I will always make time for the GIVEAWAYS! Love you all!


3 thoughts on “Life As We Know It

  1. Let the haters hate. Just keep being you. There are far more of us who need a little Savage in our lives than those who have nothing better to do than create accounts to hurt you. Sending my love. And as always, I can’t wait for your new works!!

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  2. I’ve been keeping up with your story and checking in when I can. I’m sorry someone felt so threatened that they had to make multiple accounts to try and attack you. Keep being strong, and keep pushing forward. We absolutely can turn negatives into positives, and no one can hurt us if we embrace who we are.
    I leave you with the wise words of Tyrion Lannister.
    “Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.”
    Best wishes x

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  3. You are amazing and trolls will troll no matter what. I am glad you are standing strong and I hope you know that there are way more in support of you being you than there are haters! 🙂 🙂 Also- please very verbal about those pre-orders so that people that aren’t observant don’t miss out haha (and by that I mean so I don’t miss out because then I will have to cry a million tears)! I cannot wait to see what you put out in your new book and I am obviously super excited for you and JR Rogue to work together because you guys are two of my favorite people to Instagram stalk ❤ I love you Kat !!

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