“This is How I Die” Release

This Is How I Die Front CoverAugust 1st, I will be releasing “This is How I Die”. It is a 220 page collection that includes collected poems from Mad Woman, Anchors & Vacancies, and Redamancy plus most of Throes. It also includes a handful of new and never previously published poems plus 13 sketches I personally drew exclusively for the book. I have been asked a few questions and I want to be as clear as possible that most of this book was previously self-published in my previous chapbooks. I brought them all together into one collection for a few reasons. For myself, it’s not only easier to manage but it makes more sense that they’re together like this. When I released the original chapbooks, they were in such a way that told a story. From Mad Woman to Redamancy, you feel the madness, the heartache in Anchors & Vacancies and then finally the love in Redamancy. So I’ve transferred these into the new release sectioned this way. Additionally, I understand money is tight for everyone. We have to watch what we spend. Having four separate books, it’s hard for you guys to spend money on those sometimes. In rolling them into one book, I can now offer all my work at one lower price. No, as a person who has already purchased all of my previous books, I don’t expect you to run out and purchase this one. In fact, I totally understand if you don’t. It does have a FEW (maybe 10) new poems added and it does have some of my sketches exclusive to the book. But the release is in no way geared toward those who already own my work. It is mostly to manage moving forward. I do love you all and appreciate your support so much.


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