In November 2013, my little sister Angela was brutally murdered and it has forever changed my life. She had one of those really infectious smiles, and her laughter was the same. Today, it’s hard for me to remember the sound of it

It took me six years to try to put my grief into words, onto paper. But when I finally did, Counting Backwards From Gone was born. It’s a book solely about the loss I experienced, the aftermath of events, and my most private thoughts.

Honestly, it’s the most important thing I’ve ever written.

April 15th was Angela’s birthday. She would have been 32 this year. Sometimes I try to think about the person she might’ve been.

To honor her, proceeds from the sale of her book this month will be donated to a domestic violence charity. I’ve made the ebook $0.99. Sales from ebooks, paperbacks, and even signed copies from my personal shop will all go to the charity. The signed copies will be limited, but I’ll try to keep up with demand.

Please grab your copy, share this post, buy your friend a copy, maybe you know someone grieving who could use these words. In honor of my sister. ❤️

All major retailers:
👉 books2read.com/countingpoems
Signed paperbacks in my shop:
👉 https://bit.ly/3cxgiNf


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