Hanson Release Date Update

Last week I announced to some that I’d be making some changes. CHANGES. As in more than once chance. Last week, I dissolved my design group and decided I’d no longer be making premade book covers. I would slow the amount of new clients I take on. It’s a big change.

I have like 47 irons in the fire. I don’t understand that saying but, I’m currently in the middle of taking some out. I’ve been stretching myself so thin, I’ve got holes and things are falling through. I can’t do it anymore so I have to re-align my priorities and give some things up.

Change #2

I’m pushing Hanson back. May 26. May 26. May 26. Hanson will be out on May 26 if I have to go radio silent for the entire month of April.

I’m sorry. Please know I’m not making any of these decisions lightly. These things…. they’re all so important to me. And I don’t want to deliver a subpar book. I just can’t do that. I had to sit back and really take stock of everything currently resting on my plate. Some things cannot be changed and some can. This was one small change I could make to give myself some breathing room. I hope you understand.


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