Given The Chance Cover & Blurb

In Case You Missed It…

The cover and blurb for Given The Chance are here! I’m so excited to return to A Chance At Love series and dive back into some familiar characters. If you don’t know yet, you’ve met one of the main characters!

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Kat Savage, comes the fourth installment in A Chance at Love, a series of full-length contemporary standalone novels.

Ryan Archer has been running from his past for a long time. The perpetual bachelor’s days are spent thinking about the moment he let the love of his life go, drinking too much, and sleeping his way through the city’s female population.

There’s only one area of his life where he shines—his work. He’s managed to make a name for himself and is proud of all he’s accomplished.

When his job becomes the unexpected catalyst that thrusts Annalise Gray back into his life, he’s not sure if it’s a dream come true or nightmare hellbent on torturing him. It’s been six years since she left and he didn’t follow—six years of agony for both of them.

Only Annalise didn’t return alone. Just when Ryan thinks the guilt he’s carried couldn’t get heavier, she drops a bomb that amplifies it tenfold.

Hoping to right his many wrongs, Ryan attempts to reconnect with Annalise and clear the air. Soon they realize the white hot flame between them never truly died. But now the stakes are higher and navigating their new dynamic comes with its own complications.

With Annalise hesitant to forgive and Ryan sorting through old demons and new emotions, can the couple find a way forward? Can love bloom between them again, if given the chance?

WELL?! Sound familiar? Ryan it *the* Ryan from Taking A Chance… Declan’s manager and best friend! That’s right! I’m so stoked to bring you his story. I’ve been thinking about it since I was writing Declan and Cora’s story.

If you’re not familiar with A Chance At Love series, I encourage you to start at the beginning. Book one is A Fighting Chance and it’s also FREE on all platforms!

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