Rumor Has It DOUBLE Cover Reveal!

It’s time! I’m so excited to show you not one, but TWO covers for Rumor Has It, which releases on June 27th! What do you think?! Are you feeling the SWEET or SPICY?

From USA Today Bestselling Author Kat Savage comes Rumor Has It, a small town, friends to lovers romantic comedy, full of laugh-out-loud moments and enough steam to get the wrinkles out of your shirt.

Ok, but what can be expected inside?

  • Small Town
  • Friends to Lovers
  • A Baby Opossum
  • Plus Sized Heroine
  • The Soft Side of a Hard Man (Hard Man LOL)

Full Synopsis:


I’ve been friends with Theo Jameson since he defended my honor in third grade. He’s my bro, my bestie, my knight in shining flannel. 

But after an unpleasant night at the local bar, I’m experiencing feelings I don’t even understand. Not to mention, everyone in town seems to be whispering about it. 

What they’re saying isn’t true, but I find myself wishing it was. I keep daydreaming about him. about us.


The moment I rescued Ellie Hayes from uncertain danger in elementary school, I knew my life would never be the same. She’s my best friend, my confidant, my hero. 

She’s not one to make trouble but that all changed at our favorite watering hole. I’ve never seen her that mad and maybe it’s just me, but it was hot. 

Now I got friends asking me how long we’ve been secretly going out and every time I deny it, I wish I didn’t have to.


Stay tuned for more teasers and tidbits coming your way!


Given The Chance Cover & Blurb

In Case You Missed It…

The cover and blurb for Given The Chance are here! I’m so excited to return to A Chance At Love series and dive back into some familiar characters. If you don’t know yet, you’ve met one of the main characters!

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Kat Savage, comes the fourth installment in A Chance at Love, a series of full-length contemporary standalone novels.

Ryan Archer has been running from his past for a long time. The perpetual bachelor’s days are spent thinking about the moment he let the love of his life go, drinking too much, and sleeping his way through the city’s female population.

There’s only one area of his life where he shines—his work. He’s managed to make a name for himself and is proud of all he’s accomplished.

When his job becomes the unexpected catalyst that thrusts Annalise Gray back into his life, he’s not sure if it’s a dream come true or nightmare hellbent on torturing him. It’s been six years since she left and he didn’t follow—six years of agony for both of them.

Only Annalise didn’t return alone. Just when Ryan thinks the guilt he’s carried couldn’t get heavier, she drops a bomb that amplifies it tenfold.

Hoping to right his many wrongs, Ryan attempts to reconnect with Annalise and clear the air. Soon they realize the white hot flame between them never truly died. But now the stakes are higher and navigating their new dynamic comes with its own complications.

With Annalise hesitant to forgive and Ryan sorting through old demons and new emotions, can the couple find a way forward? Can love bloom between them again, if given the chance?

WELL?! Sound familiar? Ryan it *the* Ryan from Taking A Chance… Declan’s manager and best friend! That’s right! I’m so stoked to bring you his story. I’ve been thinking about it since I was writing Declan and Cora’s story.

If you’re not familiar with A Chance At Love series, I encourage you to start at the beginning. Book one is A Fighting Chance and it’s also FREE on all platforms!

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Hot Boy Summer Hardback Cover Reveal


Check out this gorgeous hardback cover for the Hot Boy Summer Charity Anthology 👀

Does it not make you think of beach sunsets and cabana party nights?

Preorder the ebook for $0.99

Want the paperback or hardback on your shelf? Order either or both on release day!


Toes in the sand. Umbrella cocktails. Shirtless hot boys. One fleeting summer. Will your heart survive? It’s about to heat up in here…

Hot Boy Summer: A Charity Anthology is a collection of brand new stories from 31 amazingly talented authors. Each brings to the table their own unique take on the connections we form when we live wildly under the guise of momentary fervor. It’s poolside cocktails with little umbrellas, island vacations, toes in the sand, and the shirtless hot boy making eye contact with you from across the way. Dive in and experience the sizzling passion that erupts in the heat of a fleeting summer.

***HBS is a limited edition anthology collection and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to children’s charities.***

Participating Authors:

Alexandria Bishop・Alys Fraser・Amie Knight・Ashley Cade・C.M. Radcliff・C.M. Steele・Cary Hart・Christy Pastore・Claire Hastings・Cynthia A. Rodriguez・Elena M. Reyes・Ellie Isaacson・Fabiola Francisco・J.R. Rogue・K Leigh・Kat Savage・Kat Singleton・Kate Bailey・Liz Durano・LK Farlow・Lori Worley・Mae Harden・Persephone Autumn・Shaw Hart・S.A. Clayton・Stephanie Nichole・Trish Anderson・TT Wild・Victoria Ellis・Whitley Cox・Zoey Drake

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Hanson Release Date Update

Last week I announced to some that I’d be making some changes. CHANGES. As in more than once chance. Last week, I dissolved my design group and decided I’d no longer be making premade book covers. I would slow the amount of new clients I take on. It’s a big change.

I have like 47 irons in the fire. I don’t understand that saying but, I’m currently in the middle of taking some out. I’ve been stretching myself so thin, I’ve got holes and things are falling through. I can’t do it anymore so I have to re-align my priorities and give some things up.

Change #2

I’m pushing Hanson back. May 26. May 26. May 26. Hanson will be out on May 26 if I have to go radio silent for the entire month of April.

I’m sorry. Please know I’m not making any of these decisions lightly. These things…. they’re all so important to me. And I don’t want to deliver a subpar book. I just can’t do that. I had to sit back and really take stock of everything currently resting on my plate. Some things cannot be changed and some can. This was one small change I could make to give myself some breathing room. I hope you understand.

COVER REVEAL: Evil Queen Anthology!

Everyone deserves a happy ending… which is why twenty-two of your favorite authors (and maybe a few you haven’t read yet!) have joined together to bring you the Evil Queen charity anthology.

This empowering collection features short stories about strong women becoming the best version of themselves. The best part though?! 100% of the proceeds from this anthology will be donated to an anti-sexual violence charity.


Amazon coming soon!


Abbi Glines • A.D. McCammon • Alexandria Bishop• A.P. Watson • Ashley Cade • Cady Verdiramo • CC Monroe • C.L. Matthews • Cynthia A. Rodriguez • Dee Lagasse • Jerilyn Saint Jane • J.R. Rogue • Kat Savage • KD Robichaux • K Leigh • Kelsie Rae • Len Webster • London Miller • Mignon Mykel • Nicole Banks • TT Wild • Victoria Ellis

The Indie Author vs. Amazon

I’ve seen it countless times. My fellow indie authors losing the fight against the giant corporation. I’ve been lucky. I’ve never had to personally experience too many issues from them. Until today.

On September 2nd, 2021, I placed my personally best selling book, HAWK, on sale. Originally, $3.99, I dropped him to $0.99 because I had two promotions offered to me. The first, a Kobo deal for the US and Canada. The second, the coveted BookBub deal for 9/15. I couldn’t pass up the opportunities, so I placed it on sale on all platforms from 9/2-9/19. Now, this is a longer period than I’d normally place my sale for. But again, the promotions.

On top of that, in an effort to maximize efforts, I applied to and scheduled several paid newsletter promotions, as well as swaps with fellow authors.

For non-authors, let me explain a few things. It’s EXTREMELY RARE to get a BookBub deal as quickly as I did. It was only the second time I applied. And they’re expensive. Hundreds of dollars, reaching hundreds and thousands of new readers. Also, Kobo is an online seller of ebooks, audiobooks, etc. Another great opportunity, although a but cheaper. Paid newsletters run anywhere from $5 to $100 and more. They send your book out to their subscribers, who are literally signed up just to get all the deals. Swaps with fellow authors means, I send their book to my list, they send my book to theirs. It’s a common way to cross promote.

Now, that everyone is caught up, let me be perfectly clear. Amazon pays it’s indie authors less than any other platforms. ANY OTHER PLATOFORMS. Apple pays me a larger royalty per unit, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, you name it, they pay more than Amazon.

Even so, as an indie author, Amazon has always been and still is where the majority of my income as an author is generated. The indie author is chained to Amazon whether we like it or not. I used to be a Kindle Unlimited author. Meaning, my books were exclusive to Amazon, not sold anywhere else, and thus ensuring I was 100% dependent and at the will of the Zon. Now, I know plenty of authors who remain KU authors, and make a great living doing so. Good for them. I’m not saying they’re doing it wrong. But it wasn’t working for me. I found that a full read on KU was about half of the royalty I got for selling an ebook outright. So I pulled out of KU in 2020, determined to “go wide” and make it.

In June of 2021, credited much to the success of HAWK, I was able to qui my day job and become a fulltime author. So imagine my dip in income by one, putting HAWK on sale, and two the moment today that Amazon STOPPED selling HAWK and sending me a bullshit email that it’s come to their attention I may not have rights to the COVER IMAGE. This book was originally published in February 2021. So I ask you, how is it just now, two days into my sale, coming to their attention.

Side note: please rest assured, as a graphic designer, I do have the rights. It’s a freaking stock image for crying out loud. So I sent them an email back showing the invoice, the license history where I purchased it, and some scathing comments threatening to sue them for loss of income AND my paid promotions if they don’t put my book back up. Oh but the paperback? Still on sale. Odd right? It’s the same cover image. How convenient that it happens to be my ebook that’s on sale.

When I quit my job in June, it wasn’t because I was suddenly making a six figure income. I am NOT making that kind of money. I’m making a little more per month than I made at my day job. But THIS is my income now. This is how I pay the bills, feed my children. And Amazon, the machine, makes it harder and harder for indie authors as time goes on. They make us jump through hoops, prove our identities over and over again, our rights to the words, to the images, you name it, we have to appease.

And I’m tired. I’m tired of them, being a cog, begging with my hand out to them. I went wide to ensure I didn’t have all my eggs in one basket. I went wide because WHY would I only have one place, one source for income when that place has proven time and again they will find a way to mistreat me? I went wide because I believed as a creator, I deserved a decent wage for my product. And I believe Amazon fails to do that for me.

I know this is a rant. I know it feels like a rant. I’m not trying to say, “poor pitiful me, look what Amazon did” but rather what I’m saying is, “I’m an author, and I deserve better treatment than this”.

So, my next endeavor in attempting to get further away from relying on Amazon, is to begin selling my ebooks and audiobooks directly. Direct sales isn’t about rank. It’s not about the coveted orange banners from Amazon, or making a bestsellers list. It’s about income, plain and simple. It’s about ensuring that I can continue to be a full-time author and pay my bills as such. It’s what I want more than anything.

And none of this is possible without your help. You are, after all, my readers. At the root of it, YOU ARE THE REASON I CAN BE AN AUTHOR FULL TIME. And for that, I am eternally grateful. So please know you can get my books through many other retailers. Know that you can order paperbacks directly from my website and Barnes & Noble. You can get ebooks from everywhere, including library services. And from now on, you’ll be able to buy ebooks and audiobooks directly from me through Payhip as well. Payhip is basically an online store to deliver digital content. And while they’ll charge me a small fee, it’s nothing compared to what the Zon makes off me. The files will be compatible with any e-reader you have. You can still read them on your kindle, nook, etc.

The only difference is, you’ll be supporting me directly. I’ll make a larger royalty per sale, and you won’t be giving any money to the Zon or wherever else.

My books will still be on the Zon, of course. If that’s where you’re comfortable buying, well, that’s fine. Just know you don’t have to.

I’ll be working for the next several hours to upload all my books to my Payhip. Here’s my direct store link and since the Zon fucked with HAWK, he’s the first one I uploaded.


Thank you for your continued support. It means the world to me. And I’ll continue to do my best to create for you. I just have to make sure I’m financially stable to do so.


In November 2013, my little sister Angela was brutally murdered and it has forever changed my life. She had one of those really infectious smiles, and her laughter was the same. Today, it’s hard for me to remember the sound of it

It took me six years to try to put my grief into words, onto paper. But when I finally did, Counting Backwards From Gone was born. It’s a book solely about the loss I experienced, the aftermath of events, and my most private thoughts.

Honestly, it’s the most important thing I’ve ever written.

April 15th was Angela’s birthday. She would have been 32 this year. Sometimes I try to think about the person she might’ve been.

To honor her, proceeds from the sale of her book this month will be donated to a domestic violence charity. I’ve made the ebook $0.99. Sales from ebooks, paperbacks, and even signed copies from my personal shop will all go to the charity. The signed copies will be limited, but I’ll try to keep up with demand.

Please grab your copy, share this post, buy your friend a copy, maybe you know someone grieving who could use these words. In honor of my sister. ❤️

All major retailers:
Signed paperbacks in my shop:


I am so excited to bring Hawk into the world! He is absolutely your next book boyfriend! This story has all the things!
Grab your copy from your favorite retailer here!

What things does it have, you ask?
💀 A bad boy tattoo shop owner
🔥 A recently divorced single mom
😍 Lots of steam and spice
💋 Laugh out loud moments
💉 Swoon worthy date nights

Hawk Tanner is not a man of many words—especially if you’re a silly girl getting a silly tattoo in his shop. The owner of Bird’s Eye Tattoo Studio doesn’t want you to tip him with your phone number or flirty glances. He’s tired of all the wrong women wanting him for all the wrong reasons.

Drew Ashby has no time—for anything. As a recently-divorced single mother, her focus is on finding a job, caring for her daughter, and rebuilding some semblance of a life after hers was wrecked.

When Drew lands a job at Bird’s Eye, sparks don’t immediately fly. She can’t deny the fact that her boss is a delicious specimen of a man. His tattoo-covered skin might even drive her wild, but his brooding presence and set jaw make him hard to read.

That is, until he drops the bad boy persona and starts making moves on her—kind and caring gestures she doesn’t expect.

Things turn hot, and just when Drew thinks everything is finally going right, life does what it does best: It throws her a curveball from her past.

Bird’s Eye might not be the family Drew envisioned for herself, but ideals can change in a heartbeat. There’s no doubt Hawk is the man she wants, but can he step up and be the man she needs?

What are people saying?
Check it out on Goodreads!

★★★★★ “I absolutely loved Hawk. …it was difficult to put this book down and do adult things.” -Persephone Autumn, Author

★★★★★ “Funny...Syrupy…Interesting….HOT!” -Marcie’s On The Books, Blogger

★★★★★ “Savage has definitely stolen my heart once again with her male protagonist.” -Crystal, Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★ “Hawk = Swoon. So many feels while reading this story.” -Tiffany, Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★ Oh My Swoony Heart!!!! Kat Savage has just delivered my new book boyfriend!!! -Mum Reader, Blogger

★★★★★ If you’re looking for a sweet, sexy, single parent read that will make you say “awww!” as frequently as you will be fanning yourself from the heat, Kat Savage has you covered with Hawk! -Britt The Hatters, Blogger

A Fighting Chance is LIVE!

I know, I know, it’s two months early, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. Besides, who’s complaining? Gentry is here and according to everyone who’s read it, he’s the book boyfriend you’ve been waiting for! Get it on Amazon now!

Lyla Whitney managed to escape her hometown. Since then, she’s been avoiding certain things at all costs—like small-town setbacks, her family’s farm, and suffocating under too many expectations. Oh, and love, of course—but that’s one thing eluding her.

Aside from that, things are wonderful for her in Boston—the big city she chose to run to. That is, until her heartbroken little sister beckons her back to the very place she ran from: Whitney Farms.

Lyla braces herself to be there again—but only temporarily. Only through her sister’s impending divorce. What she doesn’t expect is the newest—and hottest—resident at the farm.

Newly single and free to do as he pleases, Gentry Bodine meets Lyla and at once, she rises to the very top of that list. His craving for her is demanding, undeniable.

With an attraction so palpable, even the inexperienced and gun-shy Lyla can’t resist—especially when lured with poetic, seductive notes from the unexpected southern charmer.

But when they fall into temptation—of what appears as fleeting summer fun—both must decide: Will they give love a fighting chance?

Check out early reviews on Goodreads and add A Fighting Chance to your TBR!

Excited for more from A Chance At Love Series? Check out the entire series here!

Praise for A Fighting Chance:

Holy-Sexy-Southern-Man Batman!

I LOVED this book. Gentry’s instant desire for Lyla was so sexy. I loved his little notes. I loved that he saw pictures of her before meeting her and had that crush.

Our heroine was so believable. I could totally understand why she had so few meaningful relationships, due to her parents. She is a runner, through and through. But Gentry was patient and understanding. I loved how Harper nudged the couple along and I can’t wait for her story.”

-J.R. Rogue, 5-Star Review

Um, can I have a Gentry across the hall who writes me notes?

I fell hard in love with A Fighting Chance. In so many ways, I relate to Lyla. The way she protects herself from her past for her future. But Gentry challenges this in all the most alluring ways. Has her questioning which path to take. He makes her feel after years of suppression. Makes her see the world in a different light.

Kat wrote Lyla and Gentry with such perfection. I love the poetic ties and the gentle romanticism. Absolutely perfect.

-Persephone Autumn, 5-Star Review

This is a book you fall instantly in love with. Gentry is the true definition of a gentleman and Lyla is a modern heroine. You just want to be best friends with her; from her inner dialogue to the way she fights to be true to herself is just so relatable.

There are just so many hidden treasures in this book; coming back to your roots, family, finding yourself, fighting for your future and love. Kat gives us this funny, sexy story that once you finish you literally just smile and maybe swoon. Okay, I was totally swooning.

-Daniele, 5-Star Review

Move over, book boyfriends… Gentry is my new #1. I’ve read all of Kat’s work and adored every word…. But this novel is another level for her. Gentry is absolute perfection. Can’t wait for the next book in this series.

-Kayleigh, 5-Star Review