As I approach 50k followers on Instagram and since Mad Woman is about to be here, I want to give stuff away! I will be giving away 5 signed copies of Mad Woman when I reach 50k! And who knows, maybe I’ll throw some other stuff in the envelopes with the books. I like doing that. Stay tuned for rules soon!


Mad Woman

I’m in the final stages of wrapping up Mad Woman and should be ready to order my proof copy any day. Signed preorders are available in my etsy shop here. It’s due to release on April 15th, 2016 as scheduled. But you never know what I have up my sleeve! In the meantime, I’ve be giving away a free signed copy when I reach 50k followers on Instagram so keep an eye out for that giveaway!


This year is going to be very interesting. It’s February and I’m currently in the middle of upgrading every aspect of my business. Yes, I do consider my writing and creating a business. It just so happens to also be my passion. I currently run an etsy shop, but I am going to be transferring over to big cartel. I will be adding many new products to the new shop as well. I am leaving my publisher. Don’t worry, we are parting ways amicably. I fully intend to begin self publishing. My current project is a chapbook I hope to have out late May 2016. I will be working on my novel and possibly another chapbook for 2017. We will see. Be patient with me. My to-do list is long, but I intend to make it worth it for everyone.