Letters From A Dead Girl: poems

In Kat Savage’s latest (re)collection, is a series of letters she’s written to those she’s loved—and almost loved. This work explores not physical death, but the moments after knowing someone, when you realize you’re simply a ghost of their past.

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Counting Backwards From Gone: poetry

On November 27, 2013, Kat Savage’s life forever changed. Her little sister, Angela, was brutally murdered and Savage has been searching for the strength to write her grief down ever since. Finally, just shy of six years later, and one year after justice finally rained down upon the man to blame, Savage found the courage to try. This collection is an 18-poem narrative of the very real and raw emotions felt by the author over the years since the tragedy. Here, she pays homage to her baby sister and bleeds her own pain onto paper for anyone who might need help finding their own strength.

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I Hope This Makes You Uncomfortable: poetry

In this collection, Savage explores themes of love, life, self-discovery, and trauma from a woman’s perspective, bringing about unity through discomfort. After all, we are all connected through our experiences.

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Mad Woman: poetry

Kat Savage brings you a collection of poems inspired and driven by the madness we all feel inside. Mad Woman is comprised of pieces that capture her stream of consciousness, her confessions, and her deeply personal thoughts. In here, she bares it all and embraces her emotions resulting from loneliness and disappointment.

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Anchors & Vacancies: poetry

Anchors & Vacancies is a collection of poems about all the things we all hold onto, all the things we let anchor onto us, and all the things that leave us vacant. It’s packed full of melancholy and heartache, loneliness and leaving.

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Let Me Count The Ways: poetry

Let Me Count The Ways is a collection of love poems exploring the softer side of humanity. Savage pours over the pages with a full love, one returned in kind. You’ll find no sadness or unrequited feelings in here. This is the real, heartfelt musings of a woman in love.

Note: This collection was previously published under the title “Redamancy”.

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All The Things I Said: poetry

All The Things I Said is a collection of Savage’s earlier works, many made popular online by their short poignant lines that connect with a vast audience. Themes of heartbreak, grief, anger, sadness, and depression are throughout. She dives deep into those feelings we all feel yet are rarely brave enough to express for fear of judgment. Savage opens your eyes, showing you we are all more alike than we believe, that we are all connected through our emotions.

Note: “All The Things I Said” is a combination of two previously published works titled “Throes” and “Learning To Speak”.

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