A Fighting Chance is LIVE!

I know, I know, it’s two months early, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. Besides, who’s complaining? Gentry is here and according to everyone who’s read it, he’s the book boyfriend you’ve been waiting for! Get it on Amazon now!

Lyla Whitney managed to escape her hometown. Since then, she’s been avoiding certain things at all costs—like small-town setbacks, her family’s farm, and suffocating under too many expectations. Oh, and love, of course—but that’s one thing eluding her.

Aside from that, things are wonderful for her in Boston—the big city she chose to run to. That is, until her heartbroken little sister beckons her back to the very place she ran from: Whitney Farms.

Lyla braces herself to be there again—but only temporarily. Only through her sister’s impending divorce. What she doesn’t expect is the newest—and hottest—resident at the farm.

Newly single and free to do as he pleases, Gentry Bodine meets Lyla and at once, she rises to the very top of that list. His craving for her is demanding, undeniable.

With an attraction so palpable, even the inexperienced and gun-shy Lyla can’t resist—especially when lured with poetic, seductive notes from the unexpected southern charmer.

But when they fall into temptation—of what appears as fleeting summer fun—both must decide: Will they give love a fighting chance?

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Praise for A Fighting Chance:

Holy-Sexy-Southern-Man Batman!

I LOVED this book. Gentry’s instant desire for Lyla was so sexy. I loved his little notes. I loved that he saw pictures of her before meeting her and had that crush.

Our heroine was so believable. I could totally understand why she had so few meaningful relationships, due to her parents. She is a runner, through and through. But Gentry was patient and understanding. I loved how Harper nudged the couple along and I can’t wait for her story.”

-J.R. Rogue, 5-Star Review

Um, can I have a Gentry across the hall who writes me notes?

I fell hard in love with A Fighting Chance. In so many ways, I relate to Lyla. The way she protects herself from her past for her future. But Gentry challenges this in all the most alluring ways. Has her questioning which path to take. He makes her feel after years of suppression. Makes her see the world in a different light.

Kat wrote Lyla and Gentry with such perfection. I love the poetic ties and the gentle romanticism. Absolutely perfect.

-Persephone Autumn, 5-Star Review

This is a book you fall instantly in love with. Gentry is the true definition of a gentleman and Lyla is a modern heroine. You just want to be best friends with her; from her inner dialogue to the way she fights to be true to herself is just so relatable.

There are just so many hidden treasures in this book; coming back to your roots, family, finding yourself, fighting for your future and love. Kat gives us this funny, sexy story that once you finish you literally just smile and maybe swoon. Okay, I was totally swooning.

-Daniele, 5-Star Review

Move over, book boyfriends… Gentry is my new #1. I’ve read all of Kat’s work and adored every word…. But this novel is another level for her. Gentry is absolute perfection. Can’t wait for the next book in this series.

-Kayleigh, 5-Star Review

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